Parallel Portscanner

What is the Parallel Portscanner

This tool lets you scan a remote computer for available services on TCP ports. Normal port scanners try ports one by one. This port scanner checks about 200 ports at a time, making it 200 times faster than an ordinary port scanner.

This application is a good example for the design patterns: M-V-C, Factory, Observer


Download Package pscanner.jar (13 KB)
pscanner.jar includes all necessary modules from lib_odi.
Download Source pscanner_src.zip (7 KB) (you need lib_odi to compile)

How to start?

You need JRE 1.3 (preferably 1.3.1), JRE 1.2.2 will probably do.
Download the jar-File and place it somewhere on your hard drive. Double-click the jar-File or run Java from the console: javaw -jar pscanner.jar