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No ext3 on Android?

It seems like the only filesystem supported on the HTC Hero's SD card is FAT. That is sad, since Linux supports no less than 40 filesystems. And the only option you have is the worst of them? Something is going terribly wrong at Google.

posted on 2009-12-11 09:39 CET in General | 2 comments | permalink
has it occurred to you that FAT is the only file system that works when you insert the SD card into a Mac or PC?

Gregor Rothfuss
Who cares if all I want is interop with a Linux system? Besides, there are drivers for the others. Even if I take the SD card and format it with ext2, the Android would reformat it with FAT. Again, something is going terribly wrong here.

Linus' quotes

Reality is different, and anybody who thinks specs matter over reality should get out of kernel programming NOW.

And anybody who thinks others don't have the "right to choice", and then tries to talk about "freedoms" is a damn hypocritical moron.

Anybody who thinks anything else [about mobile computing] is just unbelievably misguided.

Anybody who thinks tabs are anything but 8 chars apart is just wrong. It's that simple.

Anybody who thinks that the non-executable stack gives them any real security is very very much living in a dream world.

Whoever came up with this solution [writeback caches] was a moron, no ifs, buts or maybes about it.

And anybody who thinks that single-threading is going away is so totally out to lunch that it's not even fun.

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Crazyness in Spain

This is where Spain grows some of its olives. Explore the absolute vast area. Count the trees.

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This is where Spain produces some of Europe's vegetables. Explore the huge area. Count the green houses. Zoom out. You can surely see this even from space.

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And that looks like one of the "resorts" that were solely built for real estate investments. Nobody is and ever will be living here really. Its golf course just exists to increase its immaginary "value". Don't worry if it's not exactly this "village". There are hundreds like these in spain.

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posted on 2009-03-03 16:01 CET in General | 0 comments | permalink

Snow last night

In front of my house last night

posted on 2008-11-24 22:26 CET in General | 0 comments | permalink

Lunar Eclipse

When on Saturday night I happened to look out of the window I noticed that the moon was of an unusual shape. Of course it was caused by the partial lunar eclipse. The picture was taken with my Nikon D40 and the AF-S 55-200mm ED VR lens.

posted on 2008-08-18 21:32 CEST in General | 0 comments | permalink

Beautiful day

It was a warm and sunny weekend. Makes people smile.

posted on 2008-03-30 22:42 CEST in General | 4 comments | permalink
Looks really nice, where was this picture taken?

Christian Geisert
Just dropping by to say HI and nice pic!
That's very pretty!


Train mashup

I call it Trainspotting

posted on 2008-02-12 14:06 CET in General | 0 comments | permalink

Frozen forest

posted on 2007-12-26 17:03 CET in General | 0 comments | permalink


My mother makes the most delicious Christmass cookies.

posted on 2007-12-26 12:49 CET in General | 0 comments | permalink

Early mountain winter

Last weekend I went to the mountains again. This time, however, nature had changed. It was below zero and snowing a little. Nice, nevertheless.

posted on 2007-10-23 20:10 CEST in General | 2 comments | permalink
Nice photo - where was it taken?
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