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add bridge failed: Package not installed

$ brctl addbr br0
add bridge failed: Package not installed
$ gunzip < /proc/config.gz | grep BRIDGE
# CONFIG_BRIDGE is not set
So that's the most silly way to say: you forgot to compile in bridge support into your kernel. "package not installed" tsk!

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Add support bridge from kernel:

it option have to be enable "802.1d Ethernet Bridging"
Thank's for the information, it was helpful :)
Thanks! That was very useful! It also shows up when you upgrade the kernel and forget to reboot (the module doesn't load and this surprising message appears).
Thanks a bunch!
Helped me too - cheers!
Thanks! :)
Thanks dude!
This option have to be enabled "802.1d Ethernet Bridging" => Thanks !
I had this error after loading a development module and doing a depmod -a and then crashing right away. A repeat of depmod -a cleaned up the symbol xref files and everything was happy again.
I am getting the same issue. Not sure how to fix it. Any ideas?